FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions

How long is camp? Do we sleep over?


Camp Dragonfly is usually a day camp, where you go home to sleep. This year, to help keep everyone safe during the pandemic, we will be running camp online over Zoom. As soon as we can safely meet up in person, we are excited to welcome you back into our physical space. Maybe camp will be longer or a sleep-over camp in the future! We would love your input on what you would like!

What is the bathroom situation like for non-binary campers?


All bathrooms will be for All Genders at camp! Have a look at our Safer Spaces information for more details! 

Can my friend come to camp with me? They are not trans...


YES! Camp Dragonfly is for siblings and friends too! And if you want, you can request to have them in your small-group on the application form or email info@camp-dragonfly.com

What if I want to try a new pronoun or name? 


Amazing! At camp, you are allowed to try as many names or pronouns as you like. Whenever you're ready to explore something new just grab a new name tag! 

Can I come to camp? I'm too old!


Feel free to join us for the Community Dinner! This is a gathering of the broader Dragonfly community, supporters and alumni. It's helpful if you let the camp know you are coming and your dietary needs so we can make food for you. Or, consider applying to volunteer!

Will there be any media at camp? 


Camp will be closed to media during camp. Media can contact the camp to discuss the possibility of coming to the Community Dinner to see whether or not it is an appropriate fit. Internally, we will have our own photographer and campers who choose no-photos on their waiver will be fully honoured - confidentiality is extremely important to Camp Dragonfly. 

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