What is Camp Dragonfly?
“A camp for trans+ & gender creative children and their siblings/friends".


Camp Dragonfly is an opportunity for trans+ and gender creative children (and their

siblings and friends!) to gather in a space of creativity, growth, and connection. Our goal at Camp Dragonfly is to provide spaces for trans+ and gender creative children, siblings, friends, and caregivers who have a shared lived experience to join each other in creativity, celebration, and connection.


Camp Dragonfly is a two and a half day summer day camp that runs in August 2021 in Edmonton, Alberta. Camp is open to kids who are trans+, Two-Spirit, genderqueer, non-binary, gender creative, agender, gender diverse, and all gender minorities, along with their siblings and friends who are between the ages of 6-13. Join us arts and crafts, dance, music, sports, and more.


Our time together will be focused on finding and celebrating our connection and creativity!

Camp Dragonfly is a program provided by Rainbow Connection Edmonton. It is a nonprofit

organization that is focused on joining creative souls in spaces for growth, healing &

connection. We embrace all identities and experiences, by hosting events that encourage the

exploration of identity.


Rainbow Connection and Camp Dragonfly are co-sponsored by SSUC, Spiritual Seekers

United in Community, the first affirming church in Edmonton. SSUC has been welcoming and

supporting the LGBTQ2S+ community since 1999.