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Welcome to Camp Dragonfly

What is Camp Dragonfly?

Camp Dragonfly is a summer camp in Edmonton, AB for gender creative, trans+, and gender fluid children, their friends & siblings ages 6-13. This two day camp allows children to engage with music, drama, sports, art, and other games in a setting that supports and encourages exploration and celebration of identity. 


Our mission at Camp Dragonfly is to join trans+ and gender creative children in spaces

for creativity, connection and celebration. We embrace children of all identities and experiences by hosting summer camps that encourage exploration and celebration of identities.


Camp Dragonfly Postponed 

Camp Dragonfly 2020 has been postponed! 

Please join us in February 2021 for a winter camp. 

Camp Dragonfly Documentary

In summer 2019, Camp Dragonfly was featured in a mini-documentary. Learn about our history, values, and why we love camp!


Camp Dragonfly recommends campers and caregivers check out PFLAG group Seahorse for ongoing activities during the year! 

Supported by:

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Donations and Sponsorships 

Help make camp accessible! 

Help make Camp Dragonfly a reality for children all over western Canada. Camp Dragonfly, it is a one of a kind place where they can be themselves and have fun. We rely on the generous support of volunteers and donors to help us keep the cost paid to each camper low, and keep price from being a barrier to someone attending camp. If you are able to, please follow the link and consider purchasing a meal, a pool pass, an activity, or sending a kid to camp!

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